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With over a decade of HVAC experience in Edmonton, we started Hot to Cold Mechanical in 2018. We knew that the market valued a mechanical company that prioritizes honesty, integrity and quality in this industry.

Our goal with every service call is to educate our customers of the value in maintenance and prevention. We provide a second opinion on all heating, cooling, commercial refrigeration, ventilation and more.

Hot to Cold Mechanical is a locally owned and operated business with more than fifteen years of experience in the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry. We have had the opportunity to work on both the residential and commercial side of the industry. We are well versed in  the trades and service perspectives giving us an improved comprehensive view of our clients’ many needs.

We value integrity, quality and service with every interaction regardless of the scope or size of the request. We recognize educating customers is important especially when it comes to preventative maintenance and the longevity of the products and services we offer so be prepared to learn and ask questions, as it is our mission to help ensure you understand what work is going into your home or your business.

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Homeowners often buy the most common and least expensive brand-name products. These brands do not necessarily function better. We see more service and repair issues than there needs to be with those brands. This home had two 75000btu systems heating the house split in half, and other contractors trying to sell it the same way. We upgraded the home with one 100000btu furnace heating everything, with all the ducting changes made as well for less. This further proves our mantra of getting things properly done to make your life better.

Furnace Repair Edmonton


Hot to Cold has highly skilled members providing unparalleled HVAC service & installation. Hot to Cold has been one of the most highly referred to companies over the last six years. Hot to Cold Mechanical will offer the products and Furnace Repair to Edmonton customers as they need it from the first visit.

Furnace Repair Edmonton


Hot to Cold Mechanical will provide bulletproof quality service and installation that’s done right the first time.

This home was completely stripped to be divided for the basement rental, with the water lines being the only thing we didn’t do.

It was our regular way of showing pride and perfection which is hard to find today.

Hot to Cold Mechanical will offer the products and only the services needed to be sure the customers get what they need from the first service call.


– Approach every Furnace Repair Edmonton situation with a positive attitude and integrity.

– Show up early, adhere to the work schedule and finish strong.

– Life is hard, don’t use that as a reason to not bring your best every day.

– Prioritize the Furnace Repair Edmonton work, understand the overall picture, execute, review the big picture, repeat.

– Multitasking is a myth. Finish the task in front of you before taking on another.

– Be the one to pull others back into the game when they become distracted or discouraged.

– Continually learn and teach to develop talent, and promote from within.

– Utilize combined Furnace Repair Edmonton knowledge from prior years, other clients, & other proven methods to help our customers.

– Be diligent to make incremental improvements by refining and following our proven processes.

– Balance professionalism, humor, empathy, rapport, and enthusiasm that creates friendship with clients.

– Take the calculated risks and remember the worst decision is indecision.

– Celebrate the wins and learn from our mistakes.

– Present complete solutions, not incomplete work. Keep going even when things become difficult.

– Communicate in person or by phone and confirm the details in writing.

– Be relentless in maintaining organization and cleanliness with Furnace Repair Edmonton.

– Deliver timely progress updates and keep all relevant parties informed.

– Support the health of our team members and their families.

– Overdeliver and when you get knocked down, get up and keep moving forward.

– Pay the price required to build a successful and prosperous business.


Why We Do Furnace Repair Edmonton & Why We Care So Much:

You Deserve HVAC Service & Installation That is Priced Fairly and Done Right The First Time.


At Hot to Cold Mechanical we know the dirty truth in the HVAC industry. It is easy to see when you know the ins and outs of what an excellent HVAC system should look like and how it should operate. However, with all the competition out there flooding the city, and with the trade itself, there has been a lot of dishonest game play happening.

Hot to Cold Mechanical, furnace repair Edmonton, was developed to push this dishonesty aside and offer the integrous and professional service that is hard to find, not to mention quality products. The common product names used by most of the other big name furnace companies are not necessarily the best products even though they might be best known. The service schedule that these products require due to subpar equipment keeps those other HVAC companies busy. They prefer that because they make their money through service and repair rather than offering a high-quality product in the first place. They know they are coming back for many future repairs and replacements. They build their whole business around this dishonest model.

New home construction over recent years uses 4-inch filters. This is another dirty tactic. They do this knowing that the filter will wear the blower motor out requiring a sooner than should be service or repair.

There is more upselling of unnecessary products in the air conditioning systems as well. These companies will sell systems oversized and recommend SEER levels not needed in this country. They will use a salesman they hire to convince you. Hot to Cold will sell you what you need and only what is necessary to get exactly what you should in your living space. Nothing more, nothing less.

When a furnace repair Edmonton service is called for, we are there for you immediately.  Many of the big-name companies are the last to move when called on. They may boast of a 24/7 response, but they don’t follow through as it would seem. When they take your service call they will mark up the price of the parts 100% or more to increase their profits. We have witnessed this in person, and this was a motivating factor for this company to be created. We are here to help our clients keep as much money in their pockets while still enjoying the comforts they desire when it comes to heating and cooling. We stand behind the quality of the work we offer, and the product used.

The last company Ameen, the owner worked for, did furnace repair Edmonton preventative maintenance with no prevention at all. They would take the quarterly payments from these commercial companies and only change the filters and leave everything with no proper tuning associated with preventative maintenance.

The air conditioning systems were not cleaned up properly in the spring and tested for any weaknesses. Similarly, the heating systems were not given more than a quick look to see that they were burning efficiently. This was good enough for these dishonest companies and quite frankly was theft. This behavior was the exact opposite of the reason for preventative maintenance as they would leave these systems without proper maintenance. This would ensure the systems would be breaking down eventually which would require taking an additional service call.

This example is from an existing company that has built itself across Canada. But this is how many of these companies grow, by being completely dishonest and using game play all the way. 


At Hot to Cold Mechanical, integrity and quality come first with our customers.

In turn by providing quality work and service, we know we are a top quality company as well.

Our happy customers

At Hot To Cold, we are proud of helping our customers! Take some time to read what our customers are saying about us!

My furnace went down at 3am, so I called Hot to Cold Mechanical, and the owner showed up within an hour after I called him. Great service, and even better work! Furnace is running great, and I will definitely use his service In the future. Thanks again, Ameen!

Josh Ladouceur

I called Ameen this morning at 11 am to arrange a service call on our furnace that stopped working in the night. He was at our house in an hour, and had the furnace up and running again in half an hour. I could tell from our chat that he is passionate about what he does and that he knows what he is doing. I would highly recommend his services.

David Menard