Hot To Cold Mechanical

Bundle Offer Details

What you get:

  • A brand new Keeprite furnace with a 10 year warranty to keep you warm and comfortable all winter.
  • A brand new evaporator coil is installed when we install your furnace.
  • A brand new air conditioning condenser in the spring when things warm up a little.

How do you save $1,000?

When you take advantage of our offer, we will supply and install the evaporator coil free of charge. This not only is a great deal on its own, but you save on the labor to install a complete air conditioning system in the spring. 


What is an evaporator coil? 

An evaporator coil is a vital and essential part of your HVAC system. It removes the heat from the air using an environmentally friendly refrigerant that runs through copper tubing. It is typically located on top of the furnace, which circulates cool air throughout your home while air conditioning.

Why can’t you install air conditioning in the winter?

Central air conditioning systems aren’t typically installed in the winter for good reason. Finding a good place for the condenser is tough when there is a foot or more of ice and snow beside your home. Secondly, there really isn’t any need for air conditioning in the winter in Edmonton. 

The most important reason is that we can’t charge the copper lines from your condenser to the evaporator with refrigerant and test the system until it’s at least 15 degrees celsius outside. This protects your components from potential damage and improper set up that would probably result in a service call.

Don’t forget the humidifier!

Another great add on is a new humidifier. One often overlooked component that is vital to creating the optimal comfort levels in the home is the humidifier. Without the proper level of moisture in the air, the system will have to work harder to reach the temperature at which you feel most comfortable. This can add a lot to the energy bill. Ask about our selection of traditional and steam injection humidifiers. 



How do I take advantage of this amazing offer?

It’s really simple. All you have to do is:

  • Schedule a consultation with our technicians
  • Apply for financing or provide payment
  • Arrange the date and time that works best for the installation
  • Enjoy your new furnace
  • We will call you in the spring to finish the installation

Financing Available

Right now we can offer up to 9 months no payment, no interest through Financeit.