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Residential & Commercial HVAC Preventative Maintenance

Why wait for your HVAC system to break down in order to call a technician in to take a look at it. At Hot To Cold Mechanical we believe that clients should be aware of commercial HVAC preventative maintenance in order to keep their current systems in working conditions for a long time so they can lower operating costs. We normally recommend scheduling four annual visits, evenly spaced throughout the year, from a technician.

We always recommend commercial HVAC preventative maintenance, especially for older systems, as we strongly believe it is better than waiting for it to break down and need repair or replacement.

HVAC services can be a pricey affair, but don’t worry if HVAC preventative maintenace looks too expensive for your wallet, since we offer financing plans with FinanceIt!

For commercial HVAC preventative maintenance make sure to contact Hot To Cold Mechanical right away as we provide the best furnace repair service in Edmonton as well as 24/7 Emergency Service* in case it is necessary. *After Hours Rate Applies

Our ‘Checklist’

When you employ the services of Hot To Cold Mechanical for HVAC preventative maintenance, no matter if it is a small residential system or a much larger commercial system, we always do the following:


  • Replace & Date Filters

  • Alignment and Tension Adjustment for All Belts

  • Lubricate Fan & Motor Bearings

  • Clean & Adjust Pilot Assemblies & Burners

  • Check & Clean Strikers & Flame Sensors

  • Check & Adjust Gas Pressure on NG Valve 

  • Annual Fan Belt Replacement (or As Required)

  • Check/Inspect Operating Gas Pressures & Charge for A/C

  • Check/Inspect Evaporator & Condenser Coils

  • Check & Inspect Condensate Drains & Clear Any Blockages

  • Cleaning of Condenser & Evaporator Coils For Spring Startup

  • Check/Inspect Air Temperatures Across A/C Coils

  • Check/Inspect Electrical Safety Components

  • Check/Inspect Starting Contactors

  • Check/Inspect Voltage and Current of Motors and Compressors

  • Check/Inspect Proper Operation of Thermostats

We’ve got you covered

Honesty comes first here at Hot to Cold Mechanical, which is why we always prefer to keep your current system working smoothly instead of replacing or repairing it when it invitably breaks down because of lack of maintenace.

We want you to know that at Hot To Cold we take your concers and safety seriously. Contact us so we can arrange a free quote for your system. We guarantee to leave you with a satisfied smile on your face. 



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