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Air Conditioner Repair Edmonton

Here at Hot to Cold Mechanical we are sure that the Air Conditioner Repair Edmonton services you need are taken care of at their best and to your benefits first. The services for air conditioning even though they are not as much a necessity as heating, they are still given the same 24/7 services guaranteed.

The 24/7 theory that is advertised by all the most common companies is many times the hardest to find. This has been heard clearly from our customers when we are thanked after hearing who else was called with no response from them at all many times. The Air Conditioner Repair Edmonton services you need will only be what is needed and never over serviced as many will without you knowing.  We will always give our customers full explanation and understanding of the situation they are dealing with so they are sure that only the exact problem they have is looked into and corrected as needed.

Don’t worry if Air Conditioner Repair Edmonton looks too expensive for your wallet, since we offer financing plans with FinanceIt!

Certain services with air conditioning are common without understanding hidden from their customers and illegal. An example being when someone comes by saying that you are low on gas and fills the system without finding the leak and or proving there isn’t one with it being the compressor burning the gasses internally due to age is all wrong. The refrigerants used contain Freon which is poisonous and can not be left leaking into any air anywhere, especially in your home where you are breathing it for sure.

We will never do so as proper testing will always be done for any services needed to be sure only the proper and most legal corrections are made. When we replace or sell a new air conditioning system we will sell you only what you need best for your home with upselling being complete dishonesty never used. The SEER levels offered in Canada are just fine if you choose the highest level first, as we will never upsell Air Conditioner Repair Edmonton  as others will always and has been seen as their only choice on quote papers with our own eyes.

If and when you have this considered better we will always offer separate quotes to honestly show you the difference between the systems and let you make your own decision. Tonnages higher than what is needed for your home is always seen when people clearly point it out at times when they say we were given a bigger system offer by someone else, after hearing what they only need from us. When these systems are installed they are given the best installation considerations needed to be sure that they will hold up and perform at their best guaranteed. 

Honesty comes first here at Hot to Cold Mechanical, why would we sell you Air Conditioner Repair Edmonton that will not do its job with improper tonnage, and or give you SEER levels that will never save you much money with your utility bills for the time they are used in this country.

We want you to know that at Hot To Cold we take your concers and safety seriously. Contact us so we can arrange a free quote for your system. We guarantee to leave you with a satisfied smile on your face. 



Air Conditioner Repair Edmonton