Why us


Why Us

Lifetime Service Guarantee

Our service is guaranteed to be sure anything is fixed right the first time and if the same problem reoccurs after being seen it will be taken care of with no charge.

Service Calls – To Your Door in An Hour

Service calls are booked and there to help on the exact time booked and after hour emergency calls are within an hour guaranteed as they always occur at the most crucial times of the seasons.

10 Year Parts & Labor Warranty on Furnace & A/C Installation

The parts are offered by the brand name and we’ll offer the labor for the same time knowing the quality of the Keeprite/Comfortmaker brand and their reliability.

Flexible Payment Plans

Financing with the company Financeit is very nice as they have multiple options to use with up to 12 years if needed and the ability to defer your payments for up to 12 months without interest.

Expensive Service Plans

Service plans being offered by other companies can be very expensive and untruthful as well when preventative maintenance is the key factor. We will beat their prices with guarantee of free labor if a system fails during its seasonal usage, providing proper preventative maintenance ignored by many to make more money.

Furnace Repair & Replacement

These systems are repaired only as needed and replacement offered if the system is not worth the repairs needed if it occurs that way.

Ductless Split Systems

Cooling individual spaces is very important in certain places where these systems are very convenient and reliable as well.

Air Conditioning Repair & Replacement

Air conditioning is serviced as needed and in legal manors as well. Leaks are found and repaired before recharging a system low on gas, and system replacement taken into factor when proven to be an internal problem caused by the compressor.

Hot Water Tank Replacement

Hot water tanks will be serviced or be replaced and can be upsized or improved to a high flow system or even to an on demand hot water as you please.

HVAC Service and Installation

HVAC service and installation is always at its best with the new systems used very reliable and the work done guaranteed.

HVAC New Construction

New construction is a very important part of perfection as anything new has to be built the best way possible, proving the life and operation of all systems at their best for the life of that building.

Make-up Air Services and Installation

Make-up Air is a key factor when needed and the services and installation is always kept as exactly needed and designed with perfect air balancing as much as possible.

Ventilation Systems

Make-up air and exhaust systems must be kept in fine tune with each other to be sure of perfect ventilation and will always be kept in that way of operation.

Small Refrigeration (Restaurant etc.)

Refrigeration is very important when it comes to proper operation as loss of product due to breakdowns can be very expensive, and why we’ll be sure that your systems are always in proper operation.

Exhaust System Service and Installation

Exhaust systems are used as needed and maintained properly to avoid failures and the Make-up air must be in good condition at the same time as the air leaving must be returning at the same pace.

On Demand Hot Water

The on demand hot water systems are very nice and a money saver as they remain stagnant unless used. The gas used by these systems may prove the upsizing of the gas line into your home to be sure of proper operation of all systems in your home in need of natural gas.

Hydronic Heating/Boiler Systems

Hydronic heating and boiler systems must be maintained on a regular basis as the minerals in the waters used can be very harmful at times and why they are always given proper attention.

Drain Cleaning, Plumbing Renovations, Plumbing Service Calls

All the plumbing work needed of all and any areas are taken care of and upgraded when needed to be sure of proper operation with service and installation designed at its best way needed.

Radiant Tube Heater Service and Installation

Keeping the larger spaces like shops using radiant heat is the most efficient way to go as it is very productive with little energy and mechanical operations needed. With service being so basic and simple makes it even more worthwhile.

Unit Heater Service and Installation

Heating spaces like your garage and even a shop space as well can be used with a unit heater and putting air flow into use. These systems vary in size so well that almost any regular space can be taken care of by them.

Heat Recovery Systems

The heat recovery system does save some energy in the winter by using the heat from the furnace exhaust to be transferred back to the return air, then needing less from the furnace when passing through again. It is a code factor in all new constructions and will be given attention to as needed as well.