Our Work

Air Conditioning for New and Current Homes

and New Furnace Replacement and Installation.


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Major Renovation to Rebuild for Rental Basement Suite 

All ducting and venting was completely redesigned to incorporate the basement suite rental to allow for two furnaces. Inspection was passed the first time.

Hot water tank was upgraded to an on demand Rinnia system which will provide enough hot water for the main home and the rental suite. Hot water system was mounted, vented and provided a larger gas line from the meter into the home to be capable of operating all these systems including a 120,000 BTU range. This range was given a hood to code so big, that heated Make Up Air ventilation was installed as well, to make up for what it would remove from the kitchen. We did not do the water lines.

Commercial Maintenance & Installation

Hot to Cold Mechanical’s owner also has mechanical foreman experience in commercial HVAC constructions in Edmonton with both the Mayfair building and Hendicks tower downtown. The workmanship quality is evident in the first two photos of one area on the Mayfair building with 51 systems total. He had to re-engineer the 43 air conditioning systems, that anyone else would have did as asked. What the engineer had planned, would have damaged 80% of the these air conditioning systems for the suites offered, from high pressure due to placement style printed. Other photo’s being preventative maintenance contract examples. Interested in a preventative maintenance agreement? Contact us now.