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Air Conditioner Tune Up

It is important to maintain your air conditioning system every year by giving it the tune up it deserves. You will save money on costly energy bills and your cooling system will be reliable when you need it.

The best time to schedule an air conditioner tune up is at the beginning of spring so it is ready to go for those hot summer days. There are little things worse than coming home to a stifling house on a hot summer day or being woken up in the middle of the night because your AC stopped working.

At Hot to Cold Mechanical we help you avoid any issues with your cooling system.

We will optimize it so it performs efficiently even on the hottest days of summer. We offer service calls right to your door in an hour. When you call to book we offer a rapid response time and always include free estimates.



Our tune up checklist is thorough which includes testing the system to be sure it’s ready to go for the upcoming summer season. This extensive checklist includes:


Testing for system leaks


Checking refrigerant levels


Perform tests on parts of the AC system

Such as the fan, motor, blower belt and electrical components and more


Check the compressor fan


Lubricate all the parts


We calibrate and record the air conditioner’s output and compare that data against the next inspection’s data.

air conditioner tune up

Regular Maintenance Is Very Important

Regular maintenance is the key to prevention. When you service your air cooling system regularly you can expect less breakdowns and repair costs. Just like anything that gets a lot of demanding use, such as your car and even your teeth, it is important to keep an eye on the system and its performance.  It’s better to avoid a costly repair from happening than to have to fix it once it needs it. Regular tuneups for your air cooling system do just that. They help make your AC system last longer.

A Great Team Of Professionals

Our professional and trusted experts bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and excellent customer service to every appointment. You will have peace of mind knowing your AC system will perform like it did when it was brand new. We bring all the tools and high quality parts needed to each appointment so that we have your system tuned up and running to perfection.

Still have Questions or Doubts? Don’t worry!

We have answered all of the most common questions about Air Conditioner Tune Ups below

Do I need to replace my air filter?

Changing the filter every three months is the bare minimum to maintain a great air cooling system. Dirty filters block the flow of air which can reduce the efficiency of the system. This can lead to higher energy bills and breakdowns on parts all due to having to work much harder. This is an easy maintenance task you can do yourself. If in doubt, check it out.

What does an air conditioner tune up do?

During a tune up your air cooling system is inspected for health and performance. Hot to Cold uses an extensive checklist to do this. As a result this helps in preventing future breakdowns and subsequent costly repairs. It will also lead to higher efficiency when running and lower energy bills.  We make recommendations on what needs attention by priority. 

What is refrigerant and what does it do?

Refrigerant is the cooling agent that is used inside the condenser portion of your AC system. It absorbs the heat from the air, leaving cool air behind as it passes through the compressor and evaporator. If the refrigerant is low your AC will not cool your home and just like hot air rises so do other problems arise. We liken this to the oil in your car.

If you notice hissing or bubbling sounds, you see there is ice on the lines, or warm air is blowing it means the unit is low on refrigerant. You can see now why it is important to have a tune up. 

When should I do an air conditioning tune up?

At the beginning of the Spring season is the most ideal time to tune up your AC. Everything will be set for when the hot summer days come. This gives you ample time to make any repairs or upgrades before you need the cool air. 

What is an AC tune up?

Simply put it is a routine check up much like you have at the doctors. This is to be sure everything functions properly and future breakdowns are avoided. The tune up includes inspection, diagnosis, cleaning and any other minor necessary repairs. 

How often do I need to tune up my AC system?

A yearly tune up for your AC system is all that is necessary. Preferably by the end of Spring before the really hot days hit. 

Why do I need to tune up my AC system regularly?

Your system will run smoothly and efficiently if regularly maintained. It will bring you comfort in your home without untimely and unnecessary repairs. You will see a drop in your utility bills as well and best of all it prolongs the life of your air conditioning system.

What is the cost of an air conditioner tune up?

For a minimal cost of $199 for a tune up you can have peace of mind that your air conditioning will be ready to go when the sweltering heat hits. Having to fix something when you need it most gets very uncomfortable and frustrating.

Can I perform my own AC tune up?

It is best to leave the tune up for the professionals due to the delicate nature of the components inside the AC unit. You could damage parts and ductwork doing it yourself not to mention the voided warranty that brings. 

How long does an A/C tune up take?

It only takes about an hour to do. If there are repairs to be made those will be discussed at that time before any additional work is done. 

What do I need to do in preparation for an air conditioner tune up?

Replace or clean the air filters in the system. If there is any debris obstructing within two feet from the outdoor unit, clean it up before the tune up. This makes the job easier from the start.