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Furnace Replacement Solutions

At Hot to Cold Mechanical, we go the extra mile for our customers. We put people over profits and only provide the products and services that will benefit the customer, not necessarily boost our bottom line.

This story is just one example of not being satisfied with the status quo and really over-delivering for the customer

Furnace Replacement Solutions | Hot To Cold

The Problem

A homeowner requested a quote for a furnace replacement. The customer’s home was equipped with two furnaces, which was quite common for larger homes built in the late 1980’s. Each furnace was rated at 75,000 BTUs and supplied heat to roughly half of the house. The customer noted that even with two furnaces, there were hot and cold spots throughout the home and was never really satisfied with the performance of the heating system.

The Solution Most Furnace Companies Present

The client received quotes from other well-known HVAC companies in Edmonton and each of them provided quotations to replace the two furnaces. At first glance, this seems like the obvious choice because that’s how the original system was designed and installed. The home would benefit from new high-efficiency furnaces and experience some savings on natural gas, but the estimates for furnace replacements were between $12,000 and $15,000. This is a hefty bill for any homeowner. With every HVAC company providing similar quotes, the client didn’t see any other option but to open their wallet and pay for the two furnace replacements. That was until they met Ameen from Hot to Cold Mechanical.

Digging Deeper to Find a Better Solution

Ameen Fyith took the time to fully inspect the home heating system and interview the client to get an understanding of how well the current system was working and what performance challenges existed.
He also took a deep look into how the home’s ducting was constructed and how it was distributing the air throughout the home. This was a major factor in the final assessment and solution that would help the homeowner tremendously.

Creating a Win for The Customer

The solution was to reconfigure the ductwork from a dual furnace set-up to a single furnace configuration and install a single 100,000 BTU high efficiency furnace. By applying out-of-the-box thinking and having empathy towards the homeowner’s situation, Ameen was able to save the homeowner over $4,000!

Replacing One Furnace Outperformed Two Furnaces

You would think that two furnaces with a combined output of 150,000 BTUs would outperform a single furnace with only 100,000BTUs, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Because the home’s ductwork was essentially divided in such a way that each of the old furnaces was heating an upstairs and a main floor, combining the main ducting simply eliminated the need for two lower output furnaces. The new KeepRite High Efficiency Dual Stage Fan system performed so well, the homeowner noted a significant difference in the heat distribution throughout the home.

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Building a Reputation

We want to be known for providing quality products and services that are the RIGHT solution for the customer. Whether it’s a commercial HVAC customer or a homeowner in need of furnace repair or a furnace replacement in Edmonton, we put the needs of the customer ahead of making an extra dollar.

That’s also why we do not sell Extended Service Plans. Our confidence in the quality of the KeepRite/Comfortmaker brand of heating and cooling products allows us to offer a ten year parts and labor warranty.