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Our Team

President & Founder Ameen Fyith

Ameen Fyith founded the business in 2018, after working for companies and finding top quality work not accepted by co-workers and being put back in his pockets for over five years. In 2015 he was hired by a company with fewer people in the same area and showed what he could offer in the constructions they were doing. Once seen after three months they told him they liked him for both his personality and work, giving him a HVAC Mechanical Foreman position. The two buildings being a 10, and another 30 story tower in downtown Edmonton were just approaching the mechanical work to start. National Mechanical Contracting was the first company to offer respect for his quality of work, instead of being backstabbed by the people who had to keep up with it. He then pulled everything out of his pockets and showed everything to everyone with even the city inspectors complimenting the work that was done, and not a single correction needed anywhere in either one. With these buildings completed and National Mechanical Contracting choosing to leave Edmonton and going back to Vancouver he chose to open this business. Going back to others and dealing with the same disrespect was not going to be accepted, wanting these qualities to remain in action and still offered to people.

After being beside his father with tools since 5 years old and his father telling him he could not be a mechanic like him he chose Dental Technology due to his brother taking Dentistry at the same time. After being in that area for 14 years and not satisfied with the pay he stepped into the highest paid mechanical trade HVAC/Refrigeration and fit right in with his level of mechanical inclination. This put the same and even never seen before tools back in his hands, and under a microscope dental tools put away for good. With the trade being more difficult it was more interesting and why he wanted to see all areas of it when most people pick one side or the other. Commercial refrigeration construction and service was seen with the new name Sobeys being constructed with new WalMarts as well. HVAC service and construction in both basic and commercial residential with lead positions were experienced as well leaving him very versatile in all six areas of this trade.


The Hot to Cold Mechanical Corp. company that belongs to him is doing very well and expanding as the work is coming too fast with word of mouth helping so much. The work he has offered his customers is work that is with pride and full hearted for perfection due to firm self respect that must be seen. The customers can’t miss it as they see the honesty as well, when services are explained to all customers to prove they will only get the repairs needed without the overservicing that others not doing so, can do. When new systems are needed he has always offered what would be best for that customer to prove he’s not upselling as all others do. This has been very rewarding in ways very satisfying due to customer satisfaction, and what they say to others to prove it.

Hot to Cold Mechanical plans to get to a level where it can be seen so well that advertising is not even needed. Finding and building a team needed to carry on with the same qualities of work coming from all hands involved to be sure that Ameen Fyith will keep his level of self respect not bothered in any way possible. With a team strong enough in the years to come major constructions and servicing contracts will be taken with no hesitation, and competing with all the oldest names, with no problem at all.

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If you are looking for a career and not just a job, Hot to Cold Mechanical is always looking for exceptional team members to grow along with us. Please submit your resume to info@hottocold.ca.

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