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Furnace Repair Spruce Grove

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Furnace repair is an essential service in Spruce Grove, Alberta that should not be ignored, as the winters can be extremely cold and harsh. A malfunctioning or broken furnace can lead to uncomfortable living conditions, higher energy bills, and even safety hazards. Which is why it’s crucial to have a reliable furnace repair service available in case of any issues.

When it comes to furnace repair Spruce Grove, Hot To Cold Mechanical should be your only choice for a professional HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) company. We have experienced technicians who are trained and licensed to diagnose and repair various types of furnaces, including gas, oil, and electric models.

Our repair process will usually begin with a thorough inspection of the entire furnace system to identify the root cause of the problem. This may involve checking the electrical connections, testing the thermostat, cleaning or replacing the air filters, examining the heat exchanger, and other components.

Once the issue is identified, our technician will provide an estimate of the furnace repair Spruce Grove costs and the timeline for completion.

In some cases, a furnace may be beyond repair, or not worth repairing when compared to getting a new one, so our technician may recommend a replacement furnace instead. In such cases, we will advise the homeowner on the trusted furnace brands options we carry based on their budget, home size, and energy efficiency requirements.

The installation process typically involves removing the old furnace, preparing the site for the new one, and ensuring that all the connections are secure and functional, to leave you satisfied for years to come!

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Furnace Repair Spruce Grove

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With over a decade of HVAC experience in the Edmonton area, we started Hot to Cold Mechanical in 2018. We knew that the market valued a mechanical company that prioritizes honesty, integrity and quality in this industry.

Our goal with every service call is to educate our customers of the value in maintenance and prevention. We provide a second opinion on all heating, cooling, commercial refrigeration, ventilation and more.

Hot to Cold Mechanical is a locally owned and operated business with more than fifteen years of experience in the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry. We have had the opportunity to work on both the residential and commercial side of the industry. We are well versed in  the trades and service perspectives giving us an improved comprehensive view of our clients’ many needs.

We value integrity, quality and service with every interaction regardless of the scope or size of the request. We recognize educating customers is important especially when it comes to preventative maintenance and the longevity of the products and services we offer so be prepared to learn and ask questions, as it is our mission to help ensure you understand what work is going into your home or your business.

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