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The cost of an air conditioner depends on a few varied factors, but the range of price is usually between $4000 and $8000 for a central air conditioning system. The SEER rating is one of the main factors that will affect the cost. The higher the SEER the higher the cost. More explanation about what this rating means will be shared later, but for now it is the seasonal energy efficiency ratio. The next factor that affects the cost of the AC unit is whether it is a single stage unit, two stage unit or a variable capacity unit.

The quiet factor also affects the cost of an ac unit. Higher end units are generally quieter while operating. The last factors that change the price of AC systems is the brand and size of the unit. These two are directly related to the cooling needs of the home. The larger the square space covered the bigger the unit and therefore also the price.

We offer flexible financing

Financing is available when purchasing an AC unit. This will help spread the cost out over the months ahead while helping you to remain cool in the heat of summer. There are flexible payment plans available through FinanceIt and usually the application takes only minutes to complete.

Different AC unit sizes to consider

Some of the factors you will need to take into consideration when choosing the appropriate AC unit are the size of the unit and the size of your home, the air quality you already experience, your budget, existing or lack of ductwork, any future upgrades you may want done, installation locations, accessory or additional equipment and maintenance needs.

We Use Trusted Brands For Ultimate Comfort

When it comes to comfort in your home, you don’t want to sacrifice the noise level just to keep your cool. You want an HVAC system that is as unnoticeable as possible. The quietest units depend on the brand. Some of the quietest brands on the market are Keepright, Comfortmaker, Carrier, Lennox, and American Standard. The rating should be 50-60 decibels range. That is as quiet as an air conditioner gets. To give you an idea of what that level of noise compares to, 50 dB is a quiet conversation, 60 is a conversation in a restaurant, 70 dB is running a vacuum and 80 is running a garbage disposal.

We all have certain brands we trust when it comes to reliability and integrity. It is important to do your homework when searching for the best air conditioning brand there is. You want it to last a long time as it is a big investment. You should not have to worry about repairs or high maintenance costs. If serviced and maintained properly your AC unit will always work without issues.

There should be no repair needed for many years to come. Some of the best brands on the market are Keeprite and Comfortmaker. We are proud to offer both brands as well as other reputable ones. Although we have our own favorite brands due to quality, we also offer service, maintenance, and repair on any brand.

Keep an eye on those SEER levels

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Raito or SEER rating is an important identifying factor in how well your AC unit will function. The higher the number the more the efficient it will be which equates to lower utility bills. Higher SEER also correlates to a quieter unit while in operation. This rating tells you how much and energy and money your AC unit will use over the year.

In Alberta it is not necessary to choose the highest SEER rated AC unit due to the amount the unit will be in use. People who live in a hot climate like Arizona would need a higher rating as it will be running much more and will prove its efficiency. In Alberta, its best to look for a SEER rating of 14.5 as a minimum.

Sometimes it is not worth repairing

You may already have an air conditioner and it just does not seem to be cutting it anymore. Is it time to buy a new one rather than repair the old? There are some things to consider as new AC units are more efficient than old ones. The refrigerant in new works better and is less damaging to the environment. The biggest factor in efficiency is reduction of operating costs. A new system will bring your energy bills lower. You may want to consider swapping out the old system for a new one rather than limping along the old only to have soaring utility costs.

Compatible furnace and AC is the best move

If you are installing central air conditioning you should be aware that it works side by side with your furnace, so it is particularly important that your furnace is well maintained as well. The two systems are intertwined, and critical components overlap being shared by both. From the blower to the air filter and most importantly the electrical components there are multiple shared parts.

The evaporator coil is something that is separate to the AC unit, but it is attached to your furnace and is the part that is responsible for absorbing the heat from the air in your home. There are many parts that make of the HVAC system, and they all need love and attention on a regular basis. By following an extensive maintenance check list, you can extend the lifespan of your AC Unit.

Our AC tune up service checklist

At Hot to Cold Mechanical, we always do the following in our tune up service. Replace and date filters is the number one thing we do with every system. We evaluate for leaks in every part of the system. We check refrigerant levels. We perform tests on every part of the system, such as the fan, motor, blower belt, electrical components and more. We check the compressor fan. We lubricate all the parts. We calibrate and record the air conditioner’s output and compare that data against the next inspection.

These are just a few items from the list. Every part of your HVAC system is inspected and diagnosed with what needs to be done to maintain its integrity for many years to come.

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